Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just a chat

It is the first time for many weeks that I actually feel a little better. Strange that it is so, because for a couple of weeks now I have been fighting off the flu.Not the porcine variety, just the common , everyday virus. I think that for a while I shall leave the Hcv side of life alone. There is more to living than continuously trying to get on top of this pest. I have read enough and talked about treatments with many sources. At the moment I can do nothing, fit or ill doesn’t make a blind bit of difference what I try, so although I am not giving up I need to move on from here.
I wonder , even reading back on this blog , when I made the change from living to that of just existing.There has been a change and I have wasted this year for the most part. I guess in my inaction there has been a sense of security. If you do nothing you cannot fail and that is what I have done. I stopped doing things. Tiredness as got to be a habit, it is not that I don’t feel tired as I do.It is that I expect to feel tired and do less because of that expectation.

I do a lot of reading on forums.Although the names change, the general ebb and flow of the subject matter remains the same. There seems a greater turn over of members than before ,which could be that significantly more people are doing treatments and have obtained a positive result from doing so. But there also seem to be quite a few old slags like me who are still battling to get a grip on this thing. What I do notice is that it appears that people don’t read the old threads, so certain questions appear time and time again. I think that there is a bit to much technical information put about on forums. Okay for people like me who have been doing this for a long while ,we have grown use to the vernacular of treatment. But even then it takes a lot of knowledge to just get by. Why can’t things be just kept simple and so that you don’t need a degree to understand. A forum for Hcv dummy’s. There will always be people who like to know the ins and outs of a rats arse but the majority use simple speak and feel lost and hence don’t ask or post.
I think that Face book is actually a non social form of communication. People are so busy interacting with the use of the little gadgets that they forget to communicate in person. For me it may be a time to move on from that scene as it is not fulfilling any purpose other than filling in time without having to think. I don’t think I will totally leave it but I much prefer to chat in talk rooms and by e-mail. Apart from hundreds of kids in chat rooms these days there seems to be little adult and interesting discourse going on. Sad really.

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