Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hcv the costs to a persons life ( thread closed)

My home town,Cape Town South Africa.Do you wonder why I love it here?

When it comes to living your daily life with Hep certain things do get noticed although it may not be recognised at the time by you.Patience becomes very thin , short term memory does get affected. It seems that within minutes you can run through a whole gamut of emotions. Anger,sadness, being very alone, hate and viciousness. With the continuous contributions of the physical effects of having the active virus working 24/7 it is no wonder that you become depressed and exhausted. It is a trial trying to maintain composure, energy levels, hydration, exercise.Remembering to eat even if you have no appetite. In my case the constant itching and low grade headache. The pins and needles in the arms and legs, the dry eyes and gummy mouth. That strong metallic taste ever present. To remain constantly motivated is like a curse. You just want to give up , crawl off some where quiet and be left alone in your misery. But family , work and various other responsibilities have to be faced. It isn’t easy. With most illnesses the people in your every day environment expect that treatment will make you better and that in a short time all will be well. They have no conception of the slowness of anything when related to Hep c. Treatments are long and that any result will take quite often years to be fully realised. I myself on the most part don’t look well, but then again I don’t look sick either. Often the effort to maintain social relationships are too much to handle and slowly over time they drop away. You leave the active world and the only place left you have is the web forums. You actually become afraid to get involved with anything out side this little world you have retreated too. I find that a type of panic sets in if I have to do anything that is outside my immediate surrounds. I have become terrified of my work environment, insecure and unsure if what I am doing is up too scratch. I have lost my confidence. Things seem to be going so fast and so much is going on and I just cannot keep up or take it all in at once. Reading the threads and personal blogs of people on forums and webs I find that it is not unique to me. I and others have become virtual people who have only a virtual world for succour.


Irene Grumman said...

Dear Rypere,

Not unique - check my blog at

You describe things very well.


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