Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hcv the cost to a persons life.Post 2

At first when I found out that I had the active virus it came as no great surprise. What did come as a surprise was that I was also infected with Hep B. The thought strikes me that I haven’t been checked for a possible viral loading for it in the last 6 years. I have assumed that any possible further affect of the B virus was negated by showing a negative viral load and the presence of antibodies. I assumed that I had now acquired immunity from further infection from the B virus. Maybe I am wrong and will have to look into it. You can become  to much of a home expert of sorts and that would be a mistake.

My own experience when being treated by specialists for my hep c infection is just that. They are specialists in their field, haematologists treat the viral affects on my blood and my gastroenterologist treats the affects on my liver and related organs. As long as the treatment is affecting or possibly affecting that field of my well being related to their speciality they are only interested in that portion. The sides of the treatment or the virus which doesn’t drop into their speciality has no interest for them if it doesn’t come into their scope. So the majority of the side affects are monitored by my Gp. General medicine is basically that , knowledge tends to be knowing of but not knowing about specifically. So it falls into a best guess scenario. There seems to be no correlation of the many parts related to treatments of, and the affects from, the hep c virus. Over the years I have read many research papers of different thoughts as far as my limited understanding allows me. But I have yet to come across anything that approaches the viral impact and it’s treatment on the sufferer as a complete unit.( I am sorry I cannot think of the word at the moment) I feel that when it comes to treatments and management it should be a holistic( you see it comes!!). Best comparison I can make is what is known as the Butterfly affect. Where the flapping of a butterflies wing can affect the weather system of a place on the other side of the world. In us too ,our whole inner world is affected by a disturbance no matter how insignificant to not be noticeable but could have later ,greater, repercussions. As a person you get to a stage where you are not sure if you are showing paranoia by mentioning ,lets say, an itchy spot to your doctor, or stupidity by something happening and preventing it if you had mentioned it earlier. I guess on the whole we become hypochondriacs. So busy checking for possible problems that we develop  paranoia about our health. I say if you got an itch ,scratch it. If you feel you have a medical problem mention it. Too hell with paranoia and hypochondria.
There is lots more too talk about, such as sleeping problems and muscle weakness ,so I will carry on with this thread in further posts.

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