Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hcv the cost to a persons life post 4

There comes a question of pain.Very few of us can go through life without experiencing pain in one form or another. My health problems apart from the Hcv infection has made pain almost a constant companion. I cannot say that the infection has made things worse in that regards, but I will say it has made it harder to manage and handle  any pain. Have things grown in severity? I think not. I probably have too much time these days to dwell on it , hence I guess I have a greater awareness that things hurt.

The problem comes in how you manage pain. For the most part these days I pop a sleeping tablet and sleep through it. For me that is the lesser of the two evils. I have only recently been taking something for sleep, so my body has not grown used to the medications and hence low doses help. Not one to have abused pain medication, but due too a life time of having taken increasingly stronger tablets and drugs, pain meds potency has decreased with time. The increasing stronger and higher doses of very active and damaging pain meds are not good too my system. I guess my body has become so used to various legal opiates that the relief from pain is growing less with use. So these days I restrict myself to when I use them,the amount and strength of the drugs that I need to get relief would probably seriously hurt most individuals. It has to be a case of I’d rather cut off that which hurts than go through that pain before I will take them.
There are things that I do find that help in their own small ways. Meditation where I put myself in to a place which is calming and apart from what is around me. Breathing exercises which help oxygenate and release endorphins. Massage which relaxes and stimulates the muscles increasing blood flow and removing toxins from the flesh. Warm baths, not hot, which relaxes and releases the tensions of painful parts. I’ve tried self hypnosis and acupuncture as well. The acupuncture isn’t for me though. I tend to have small bleeds at the sites afterwards, it isn’t anything to remark on but I don’t want to push my luck.(having a bleeding disorder makes it a bit chancy).

The thing is , we are all different, we all feel pain in different ways and in vastly different amounts. There is no need to suffer unnecessarily ,find what works for you and use it.

Pain wasn’t what made me push the doctors for the cause of what I was feeling. Having lived with and worked with pain it wasn’t that which drove me to chase a solution. What it was that led to my final diagnosis was something else. One was, I wasn’t happy with being diagnosed with having an enlarged heart. I didn’t believe that the increase in blood pressure was from my life style. working too long a day and work stress. Two, I didn’t believe that the cause of my continuous lack of energy and the reduction in drive was from being pre-diabetic. I ate far too healthily for that to be the reason. Three, the brown staining on my legs wasn’t due too my blood disorder, if it was why had it taken 40 years to show? Having been around a few people that had liver problems I knew that the legs and feet looked like theirs. Four, I picked up weight too easily. I used to struggle with maintaining my weight when I was younger. Haemophiliacs need to keep a little weight on to cushion the bony joints when knocked. But I picked up 20 kg in weight in six months and I was dieting to keep the weight off.Because of a diagnosis by one of the top cardiologists everything was disregarded by the specialists. I was suffering from hyper tension and an enlarged heart and was a type 2 diabetic. All of which was proved to be wrong later. As I have said previously in other posts it was luck that the real cause was found. At that time I had Hbv and a low viral count positive for Hcv. I still wonder if a true diagnosis had been made would I be suffering from as much liver damage that I have subsequently incurred. Well that is in the past and cannot be changed, but I would suggest that if you are not happy with a diagnosis that you push as far as you can even if the primary diagnosis is correct. You never know.!cid_3_134732510@web44710_mail_sp1_yahoo

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