Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hcv the cost to a persons life post 3

I have been a chronic insomniac for the greatest part of my life. It never caused a problem till lately. Even though I only average 2-3 hours a night actually sleeping , in the past it was enough and I didn’t feel any affects from such a short sleep period. But as the viral affects increased I find that the sleep I do have isn’t that satisfying restful sleep. I wake with a headache and continuously fidget all night. I’ve tried all sorts of sleep inducing methods, from not watching TV. two hours prior to sleep, to sleeping pills. Nothing really works, sleeping pills do knock you out but it takes hours to feel human again after. From warm baths and drinks too white noise and meditation ,I tried it all. There is nothing worse than trying to develop a sleep pattern when you are tired in body but become mentally hyper active as soon as you close your eyes.Ah well one day it will turn around I am sure.

What has happened in the last eight or so years is one thing that I personally find the most troublesome. The loss in co-ordination and sensitivity of my feet and hands. Cramps are frequent and painful. Hand. leg and arm spasms occur on a regular basis. Some are caused by a metabolite imbalance. As my liver deteriorates it becomes harder to take up the vitamins and minerals necessary. Some are caused by my lymph glands, which at the moment go out of balance with my bodies wants and needs.I have been the to various neurological specialists and under taken various tests but there is yet to be a diagnosis of what is causing things like the deadness of my feet, hand tremors and hand spasms. You read all sorts of possible reasons when you read up on web sites but are left still clueless afterwards. I hope that it is only a temporary condition and that when I finally get on top of this virus and beat it ,that it will all go away. I  firmly believe and want too beat the crap out of this bug it is just a matter of timing and luck. I really need to do this soon , as it is affecting my ability to work, which affects my income . This then severely restricts my ability to pay for treatments. Financial problems cause more stress. Which affects my sleeping even more. This reduces my bodies capacity to heal itself and ……it is just a continuous circle so I will not comment further.

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LaurieBluesGuy said...

Col stated : "I firmly believe and want too beat the crap out of this bug it is just a matter of timing and luck."

And so it is old mate, the next course of treatment will slay it, no probs.

As for Insomnia - must be terribly frustrating, and I can only sympathise.

Much Love,

Lau and Fmily ..