Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a natter.

!cid_65052A4A392C40BBA61BCF6FC7866EA3@Roy Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest.
...but about who came and never left your side.


My world is one of tiredness. I am tired all the time. Very little energy is left for doing the most basic of chores. I have been very fortunate  that my progression with this disease has been a slow one. It seems though that I have finally caught up with it and everything from thinking to even eating is a slow journey. You would think that ,as inactivity sets in, that the hours passing would slow down as well. Not so, they flow ever faster, galloping off and from waking ,too sleep, pass with incredible swiftness. Patience was never one of my strong suites. It is incredibly frustrating trying to catch up continually, what was a job of only a few minutes can now take the whole day. Cutting my lawn usually takes two days now instead of an afternoon. Then it takes a few days to recover. I love cooking but lately I cannot find any passion in it. I don’t cook for myself but for the delight to find the enjoyment in others for what I cook. I guess it is a matter of timing and my timing has flown out the door. Food needs to have time spent enjoying it and maybe my present pace of life is too slow for those around me. To sit at the table and to chat is a big part of a meal and it seems that all around me are into much of a rush. My children are in and then out , very busy social lives. I miss that. Tracy, my wife, is now so involved in her projects, her studies and her different groups that apart from bed times I hardly get to spend time with her. I suppose the wheel has turned, it used to be that I was always working, either with my job or some thing that had to be done on the house that I never had time to do anything but work and sleep. But then again if I never put the hours in when I was younger I dread to think how I would have had the savings to live the last few years.
I haven’t been on line much lately, anger management on my part.It is so frustrating to have only a land line connection and having to wait long times to get anything done. Even worse is after spending hours downloading something to have the connection dropped and the package lost and not restorable from where it was dropped. Also I have had a few little challenging health problems that made sitting for long periods a challenge. One day I will get a laptop, when finances allow it. So for now it is pc/desktop for me. But I have got broadband connectivity now,eventually when I can motivate my ISP  to actually sort out my modem, which they forgot to order. I will not feel so frustrated and slow. It is bad enough being a three fingered typist who can’t spell than having to deal with the inadequacies of South African service techniques. The world football cup should be lots of fun, I guess the world will get used to recorded live soccer, as at the moment technically we have the equipment but the operators are clueless. Ah well African time…..

By the way, my car needs to be shot. Old and almost  in as bad a state of health as I am ,I need to fix it. That should be fun, I can repair cars but hate it with a passion. With my limitations of movement and balance, it is a ballet between me, in a fit of anger,the tools that I need just out of reach ,smashing the parts in frustration or taking a moment cursing in as many languages I can muster before I fix it. Nothing better than stripping something down and then finding out that although the part numbers corresponded they don’t belong to the year and model. I guess that is what you get when your car is made in South Africa but the parts are from all round the world and from separate suppliers.Standard but unique to this country. I wonder how the people around the world manage with their cars assembled here.

Well it is almost mid winter here, the sun will be heading south again soon. We have had some moderate rains lately which is very nice. It hasn’t been cold yet I think 15c is the lowest in Cape town so far. We should have had some frosts by now, the birds and plants are slightly confused, we still have swallows that never migrated about. I need to get my finger out of my cavity and do something but as I said before I am just too tired. lol.

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