Friday, May 1, 2009

My time of year

At last we have received our first winter rains . It is a time of renewal ,a chance to pause and freshen the world. This isn’t the end season of the cycle but the season of the start of new life. The fields are now burnt and scarified. For a few short weeks the rain will soak into the earth , the farmers will plough and greenness will erupt  from the soil. I am sitting here listening to chirruping of the frogs , singing to their ladies, competing to be the one chosen. The birds are all ruffled and bedraggled ,perched huddled up in lines all waiting for the rain to ease off. The earth will be soft now and allsorts of bugs and worms wash to the surface. In a month’s time in the coldest part of winter the birds will start nesting and getting ready for their new broods. I love this time of year. I used to love wrapping up warm and taking a long slow walk along the beaches. Searching through the high water mark for the small treasures cast up by the winter storms. That acrid, foetid smell of the sea. My ears , nose and face burning from the cold. Today just walking around a heated shopping mall is a major excursion. The mind is willing but the old legs seem to get heavier and heavier with each step.

Today one of the local magazines ran an article on Natalie Cole, Hcv was mentioned ,almost in passing. More was made of her probability of having caught it in the 80’s from her drug habit.
Very little was actually mentioned about the disease except that you could carry it for 20 odd years and not have a sign you got it.

Hooray for this liberated time we live in. If you have Hcv you were probably a junkie and if you have Hiv you were into same sex relationships. What a load of bullshit.  So if you are co-infected then you were a gay junkie. Rather no mention of this illness than the wrong type of exposure.The treatment for the illness is given as the cause of her failing kidneys. What about the fact that she has had the illness for all this time, her liver was under strain and she was probably suffering from diabetes 2 for a long while before. Changes in blood sugar levels are not uncommon with an unhealthy liver. The right diet can keep it under control if caught early enough. What doesn’t help is that she apparently had a punishing work regimen, you need to rest often with this illness , not when it suits you but when your body demands it.

On my previous post I talked about how I met my wife and how we got married. I forgot about our engagement, that was strange too. We had been together for a while , more or less living together. One day on a whim I asked if she would like me to buy her a ring as a token. Didn’t have the words out of my mouth when into the jewellery shop she almost ran. My wife and rings are a thing that has to be seen to be believed. I had to choose the ring for her , so I love  small intricate rings, not big and flashy. The type that in themselves are a work of art and not just a thing to hang a stone in. Yes you guessed it, I was not so well off at the time, nearly choked when the price was mentioned. So after selling an arm a leg and a kidney I was almost handed the ring by the sales lady.  Not a chance Tracy gave out a laugh grabbed the box and out ,off and into the ladies toilet to sort out her ring fingers. Those days I was still a bit of a shuffler as my legs were still giving me grief from after my operations. By the time I got to the second floor she was standing waiting for me by the stairs and I was engaged……………Don’t regret it and never will. That ring has long gone though, it was one of the things stolen when my home was burgled. Broke Tracy’s heart as she never usually took it off, just that she had a burn on her ring finger at that time and couldn’t wear it due to it rubbing. Got her another very similar ,but not as good ,it had to be the same style. Just goes to show it is the original of anything that is of importance , the value isn’t in it’s price but what was behind the sentiment and can never be replaced. By the way I went and bought a safe, hard to get at and if not opened correctly will do a bit of damage if you don’t know. So come on thief and make a return try I’m ready for you.

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