Monday, April 6, 2009

Pondering the moment.

You forget when you get older that all those you know are getting older as well. Recently I have been clearing through some of the clutter that has been relegated to boxes in far back corners of my cupboards. Some of them had been sealed for over 20 years, an Aladdin's cave of memories caught in odd photos. Groups of people that the moment was shared with, some remain fresh in the memory and yet others , no recollection of where and when they were taken. The nameless faces for ever trapped in that moment of time. I used to have boxes of pictures but over time they have been whittled away. Water damage,and theft spoiling more than half of what I have left. I lost a lot of pictures old letters and other personal items when my parents house was broken into and everything,even the toilet paper, was stolen. At the time I was living in a flat, although large roomed there was little storage shelves. So they kept some of my stuff at their  house. So there we all sat myself my wife and my two daughters going through my past. Pictures of old girlfriends ,all probably grand mothers now. Shots of myself and friends partying, a few no longer with us due to life's twists. It's a pity that Polaroid pictures get a sort of orange /red hue as they age. Some friends and not often seen family members are know by my children and they go into hysterics when they see the fashion styles, faces and antics of  people they now think of as being old and serious. My daughters ask about my old girlfriends , the what if's and why's of my past. Tracy just laughs and tells them that unfortunately they are stuck with us and then they started talking about what any children I may have had with these women would have looked like. Then out popped a bundle of letters. I forgot that I had them, yes you know the ones. Old love letters, stop laughing you who is reading. I wasn't one to really write these type of letters, but for some reason I kept these replies. Embarrassed, no not a bit. But I wonder if any of the ones I wrote still exist out there some where, now they might be a thing too redden the cheeks.I compare then and now, these days we put most of our memories on Cd' discs or store them in files on our computer. When we  can be bothered we occasionally save too Hard disc and put them away.  I just wonder what ,if ever, any one will get out of these discs when technology replaces the media we are using. A photo is simple you just look at a picture. How many of us now days have stored somewhere, 6 track stereo cassettes,audio tape cassettes. Beta max and even VHS tapes. Memories held in little boxes the media to bring them to life long gone as the machines are now defunct.Memories and your life can only be held by others when you can share them. With the fractal families of today who keeps those memories alive.How long after we pass from this world do we cease to have existed?

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