Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There is a message

I love reading. Many days have been filled with the magical verbal images that are formed. There is one problem though, when I read nothing else exists but the words in front of me. Time ceases to be and I am lost in the magic. I would love to be a wordsmith to be able to wheeled that wand and paint the colours of imagination. But alas I have little skill. I lack the ability to put down in a few words the chemistry that it takes to paint these pictures. I must recommend my latest read to all. A relatively under read author but an excellent master of his craft  William Horwood. For me he has the ability to both amuse and hit the sore points in my heart. His book ,an old one, entitled Skallagrigg ,has had me in tears for the whole read. I can relate personally to it. Maybe not physically to it's central character who suffered Cerebral Palsy, but too the difficulties of life which it entails.  A confusing read to start with, it becomes more addictive as the chapters flow and an understanding of the difficulties of life past and present are gained. All who have had experience in life ,can to an extent gain and feel the frustrations of living a less than perfect life in a more than slightly damaged body. So the book is .Skallagrigg by  William Horwood. A story of love not a love story. Ladies get the tissues out and guys read it in the bathroom it isn't nice to see a grown man cry.
Tracy and I have decided that we shall spend some time in England. Tracy , because she has never left South Africa and myself to view the changes that time has wrought on my young memories. Apart from mad rushed working visits ,on plane off plane do what is necessary and then back onto plane. I have done very little enjoyable travelling for years. There always seemed something comes up that is more important . Lately it has been illness and operations. Having  a young family and just being ready constantly for the costs of  having to cope with my health problems coming first. This will probably be the last chance for me to do any fun travelling and still be able to get about under my own means. There are a few considerations still to be made but it is almost a definite. I really miss my get up and just go days long past. It is more than likely that we will hire a house or flat for a couple of months and spend some leisurely days just wandering about. I think it will probably based from the west country which I know well and from their I will visit with a few friends and family that remain too me in the UK. Enough said and until firm and final arrangements are made it is on my wish list for soon. I think that some people are in for a big surprise as I am not  who people expect I am. You'll see.


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