Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Need to chat

My posting hasn't been pleasant reading lately , for that I'm sorry.It isn't easy being sick yet not sick for 24/7. Those who have had the virus will understand. What has been particularly difficult for me is that being a person who usually fights his way through a health problem I have hit a wall that for the moment I can't get over or round.
I don't want to list the side affects , enough already have them, just that it is nasty at the moment. You know you get to a stage in this illness when you are almost forced into reclusiveness. If you are well enough to go out and about you should be well enough to work. So you sit around the house, or lay, trying to feel well enough to do something, anything. But it doesn't happen, you have very few visitors , mainly because they are working or going about their normal daily business. Also as nothing is going on or different in your life there isn't much to talk about. All you have left is your illness. This doesn't happen over night, I have been struggling with the acute phase and it's unpleasant sides for a decade now. At first you still can manage to get by but slowly you become drained. Physically and emotionally. I am now in that state where I couldn't  be bothered even to make the effort. Oh I make the motions of trying but the spirit has flown. The last few weeks have been hard, my liver has enlarged and even a slice of bread is too much volume for my stomach and I bloat and feel nausea. Take Sunday last , I had a very light lunch, Sweet melon, slice of ham and some fresh fruit. I couldn't handle it. I swelled up like a blimp, it felt as if my stomach was climbing into my lungs. My only resource is to take a few sleeping tablets and sleep until I feel better. I joke about it but it is only sarcasm on my part. Enough let's go on a trip into my past.

I'm South African as you know, but only really came home when I was 26. I arrived in Cape town around the Christmas period of 1982.  I was picked up by my family from Cape town airport early in the morning . It was already warm by 9am, easily 28c. The environment was completely different from the gloomy British shores. The accents although not unfamiliar not one that I had become used to. Immediately the pace of life had changed, customs were different and the smells and colours alive and vibrant.
For a few days I was going to stay by an Aunts house , though passed on now, always my favourite relative we had a bond that went back to my birth. If I had  a second mother it was my aunt Dorothy. Now that was a busy first day, I have a huge family in Capetown ( mum was one of 19 surviving children, dad one of 11) ,a continuing round of hugs and kisses. This was all that I did for the first 3 days, meet family. But everything was dampened by the fact that I was separated from my wife , we divorced about 3 years later, the last day I saw her was 2 December 1982 , never to see her again. I did love her deeply and what went wrong with the marriage I still am not really sure of. Anyhow it was my fault more or less so I will not drag that part of my life into the story.I have moved on in life now and have had a good one.
There where a few things that immediately struck me, one the people were very friendly and polite. only to willing to help.Secondly the place was clean and very bright with flowers and parks. Thirdly the highest buildings generally were only 3 stories high so you weren't closed in, everything was and felt open. Also the food tasted different, I don't mean the cooking just the basic taste of each food article.
Every one cooked, food was an entertainment, you could eat out at the finest restaurants for basically nothing. The scenery was free and at the time the natural beauty was unspoiled by development. That unfortunately is no longer the case, no longer is there unobstructed views. You have very limited access to most areas as the rights to them are now owned. Eating out is on the dollar value so has become too expensive for the locals and anyhow the meals taste crap, what was good wholesome home style cooking has become pieces of art looking and tasting like a piece of artwork with the price being set as such. Tourism does that, also tourist tend to eat what they know and want to eat the pieces of cardboard they are used to plus the pretty picture. Yes they have money, but really they  never ever really experience the life around them as a person , just a walking bank.

If anyone I know ever visits here I will take them to see the sights , but the best places are away from the usual tourist pullers and the real South Africa is where us folks live and play, not the rich, they like to be seen doing things we just like doing things, understand, the ordinary daily life way, which is being gradually eroded and sold off for tourism.
Capetown is not the picture you see now days. It is built up, the foreshore is not open , views are limited due to the over building allowed and restaurants are some of the highest priced(over priced) places in the world. There are no natural beaches left within 50 km of where I stay they are all developed. Sad but true, still they are still worth seeing . I diverge from my thoughts and will come back to my past in my next note.

Beast in the gardenA friends garden with a wild beast looking for a free lunch.
This is where I STAY !!!!!



LaurieBluesGuy said...

Looks beautiful Bro, - like the pics.

Like the post too, it's nice to be relective at times.

I will have to find out where my wife grew up in South Africa. She went there as a little girl and came back in her teenage years.

She always loved it there, it wasn't her choice or her fathers to return. Her mother insisted which created a huge rift that exists to this day. I think it was Netal ..

I'll have to find out - but she often recounts her wonderful childhood in South Africa.


LaurieBluesGuy said...

I found out where my wife spent most of her time growing up,

a little place called Pinetown, in Durban,

ever been there Col ?