Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few reflective moments

Don't throw out the baby with the dish water.
Well I have successfully managed to remain ill for a month now. I tried to push through how ill I was feeling and worked harder than was actually good for me. The body said no and decided to go on strike. At first it was a go slower and then it became an all out stoppage. Well it looks like it is going to be a lean Christmas in my house hold this year. It has been awhile and I don't think my children have ever had a Christmas in which they weren't spoiled. It will not be a soup kitchen lunch but it will be a lot more subdued. I myself am not too bothered , I've had many festive times in hospital or in pain so if I can be pain free and at home will be more than satisfied.

I no longer post on the forums about my illnesses. I have been at it to long and much prefer to give support to others. I get more from the comradeship than any information that may be given to me. I am  informed up to my eyeballs and need a rest from that side for now.  I get regular feeds from a lot of up to date sources , so keep in the link so to speak. Actually it seems to me a bit of a lull going on in the medical field on Hep C,  though one thing does strike me. Would it be in the interest of the drug companies , if there was a definite cure, for them to release that information . Or would it be more financially rewarding  for them to market an "almost a cure" drug. I guess an immuniser against hep c would be  only a last case scenario for them  if they were being overtaken in sales by competitors. Ha conspiracy theories.........

Another thought, it seems strange that financial aid is not freely given to Hcv sufferers. It becomes almost a case of having to beg for everything, treatment, sick pay, living and mobility allowances. Even the right to work and earn a living wage isn't assisted by governments. How can the sick compete one on one with the healthy, only on the most menial of jobs when no one else wants them. Even in South Africa it is no different, too sick to work , you have to be completely destitute and have nothing before you might get some sort of assistance and that isn't guaranteed. Often the processing of claims out lasts the life of those asking for the aid. Millions are directed here in grants and aid but most of the funds are absorbed in unnecessary paperwork and far too over paid and over staffed administration. There seems to always be a conference in some 5 star hotel or some ridiculously expensive conference centre for them to attend. To make matters worse is they have to have committees to decide on who and what the attendees will stand for.  Take HIV for example, lot of fat(really fat)cats are managing it over here for the government. Millions are spent on committees and even more on clinics , but where are the anti-retrovirals , they are sitting in warehouses stock piled as no committee has decided about what the hand out procedure will be who will qualify and who will staff the unused clinics. Millions have been spent on health workers for rural hand outs but after the initial pay has been received the workers disappear, clinics looted and left un-staffed and in disrepair. Often the heads of these clinics are illiterate and have no numerical skills so can only rely on cartoons of what needs to be done. For example and this isn't a housewives tale. A couple of years ago there was a massive hand out of condoms each condom being presented with an instruction leaflet. So people were employed to attach the condoms to the leaflet...Yes you guessed it , they were all stapled through the middle and attached that way to the leaflet. Government planning Africa style nogal.

So I really wish that the virus I contracted was socially accepted, well financed, government supported  and had a lot of news value. Maybe then I wouldn't have the additional worries of having to pay for my treatment, work so that I can live and support my family without the thought of being a burden to some one. Adapting to the damage my body sustained is possible but for that I will need time and that time will need financial aid. My government have very short term plans, for when I can no longer work I cannot pass on my skills to the younger generations and by having to push myself as hard as I do, the time for my having to give up work is advancing rapidly.

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