Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I didn't fail!

armes_feu-19 Well I fought one hell of a fight with my last treatment fighting Hcv. It took a lot out of me , physically and financially. Both can be recouped but at what cost. if re-treating one more time was elective I would bail right this minute but I have to treat.Three years older and still back where I started. I relapsed once again. My viral count is only1.8 million but one thing I think it shows is that the virus I am carrying maybe g2 but it is a strong little bastard. I did everything by the book and kept too the protocol.
I can honestly say that I am nowhere near being prepared for this next fight. I am weak and already having nasty side affects related to the virus. The medical costs not covered by my health insurance has mostly wiped out my cash reserves and if anything I am less able to maintain the ability to work even for short periods.


My liver has lasted fairly well and for the most part my blood results are not to bad, not good mind,but not to much off normal which is a plus. What is giving me grief is my joints and muscles, the virus has now began to attack them and I am stiffening up and have a fair amount of discomfort. Tracy, my wife, tells me I have aged the last 2 months . Stooped and round shouldered, I have trouble standing after sitting and due to my repaired pelvis I sometimes find it hard to balance. Most people can stand and balance sub consciously, I have to actually think and arrange my position or I just fall flat on my face.
The next treatment regimen has already been planned, the health providers are still to be motivated to re-treat but they can't really refuse as I did respond to treatment and did clear. I must be truthful and say that I am not looking forward foranother year and a half or two years of popping pills and jabbing myself, headaches and itching, the tiredness ever present. How I am going to manage the depression I went through the last two times I don't know nor the aggression which comes with it. Hopefully I have got friends who can motivate and help me by just being there for a chat  on the forums. It is hard to be so far away from a community of people  who you can only have a virtual relationship with who share what you are going through. It is very lonely. Well it is almost spring and with spring comes new life, from South Africa I wish you all continued health and success in your trials.3295495578


Anonymous said...

keep showing dat Lion CG things have got real quiet lately. Dunno why!
Some of the jokes you've posted have been put onto a local forum I hope you don't mind. It's hard to find decent jokes nowadays.

All the best Guy

Max said...
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Max said...


You didn't fail. The tx failed. . . like it does so many others. It's primitive medicine judging by the vicious side effects and infrequent positive results.

I relate to your financial stresses. I've about drained my accounts paying for treatment. At this point I have no idea if it was successful.

Sincere best wishes for your future success.

PS I muddied up the place by commenting and then removing it.