Thursday, July 10, 2008

An ordinary day

att41772 Forget the Middle east look where South Africa is sitting.Haven't done much of anything these last few days, rain and a cold bitter wind has cut right to the bone.I've been battling with a pesky cold for around a month now but at last it seems to be going away. Work is becoming easier to handle but will admit to taking today off.Gone are the days where I had it in me to push past the aches and pains and will admit to being exhausted last night on coming home,tx left me with complaining joints and muscles and if I do too much I know straight away. Also if I get too physical I start having cramps and supplements aren't the fix. I try to keep my electrolytes in balance by diet but I am finding it harder to do in winter. I wonder why. Today I also feel a little down, nothing major just a slight feeling of chasing my own tail. World economy has hit South Africa hard and the amount of people unable to cope on their wages is rising fast. The majority are being paid bread line salaries and food inflation leaves them unable to subsist. I have never seen as many beggars or people on the street as there is today. Crime is rampant, gun related robberies are now the usual and fraud a daily occurrence. Not small frauds but big national companies. Now my beloved old car has been abused by some little idiot throwing a stone at my windscreen, protesting about the rise in prices, as if I have anything to do with it. Still what comes round goes round, the wheel will turn and again .

My brother after hiccups in getting started is finally on week 3 of his hep c treatment, luckily still no measurable liver damage shows on his tests. 45 weeks to go and he is already complaining,
sympathy is what floats his boat and he is recruiting a crew. I'll help him out but he will receive no sympathy from me, he must just get on with it. He has been on pension for about 25 years and could have quite easily have got himself fixed up  but why should he . I just get annoyed that he never puts in the effort at least by trying to get himself sorted.

It is getting close to the time of my Pcr, I hope to show svr but will not anticipate the result. Today is the one that matters and what ever the outcome it will be faced in it's own due way. I still haven't made any long term plans, which is not my usual way, but for now I think that staying the course is enough and when it is time I will go on with what ever I feel needs doing. But I will say that a change of work, something completely different would be nice. It doesn't even have to be challenging , just enjoyable and something to look forward to doing. .

Well that was a little natter and has been very mundane but it is good to have these mundane times, makes the interesting one all the better.leanne104

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