Sunday, May 11, 2008

Low tide

Well today is the real first sign of winter being on it's way in the Western Cape. Cold and wet, lovely stuff, my province is water poor. A winter rainfall area , we look forward in someway to the rain.  Health wise it has improved, not greatly but enough to allow me to go back to work. There is a few things I have discovered whilst away from work. They are that for one I am not comfortable with not working, I miss putting in the long work days. I am not a natural father, a good provider maybe but not forgiving enough. The constant bickering of my two girls is worse than any side affects. My wife is far to easy going with them and raises no penalties when they do something out of line. They take advantage of it and it causes friction between us as I believe that there are certain expectations and rules in life.  There is always cause and consequences,  Tracy acts like their maid and bank ,rolled into one. she is doing them no favours and it cannot make up for what was lacking in her own child hood.
There are a few basic's that all should learn as children, truth, responsibility and the value of things. Cleanliness, apart from the personal hygiene side, how to wash, iron, sew and cook . How to budget and above all the realisation that somewhere down the line nothing comes without a payback. Reality is not on the agenda for the average kid today. Spoiled rotten, getting what they want and not with an education worth a beat it is all bright and rosy . My youngsters for example, the eldest has decided against my urging not too has decided that she doesn't want to learn this year and wants to earn some money. Ok nothing wrong with that, except the work part, four jobs and sacked four times, work experience non, money saved non. So  it is time wasted and nothing gained. The youngest too clever by half, one of these kids who doesn't need to learn, so she thinks, passes all her subjects mainly A's. She could go far and have an easy life later on if she put in a little effort now but no chance of that. The problem with my daughters is that they are popular and pretty, up with fashion and always out there. There is always some clown who gives them what they want, but that isn't going to last forever. I object and Tracy bites me saying I must let them be kids.... I agree , kids they are so should be treated accordingly. They need to earn the breaks in life and not be expecting them to just come, only then will they learn value. This has been a bit of a little personal moan and venting, but it is my blog  so I can. But there is a comparison to adults. You need to value and work for the breaks in life. If  it comes to easy it generally has no personal worth and is not valued.100_2583 Maegan,eldest

 100_2293 Maegan and Kaitlyne

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