Friday, April 18, 2008

Well for one it's Friday.

Not a lot happening at the moment. Nothing outstanding or remarkable has occurred. Been ill, but at least I'm getting a handle on events and have found ways to get on with things. Fluid retention has been a problem, giving the joints extra strain and causing painful but not dangerous bleeds.  I, in myself, am feeling almost human again in the ways that count. After several tests and many visits to specialists I have a full understanding of how my health stands, what will be permanent and will advance and what can be done to prevent more damage so it is looking reasonable for me . All but the aches and pains in my feet I can deal with but I can honestly say a good pair of pain free feet would be delightful and improve my day.

I don't know if any one else has noticed but I am finding that ALL the hep c forums ,in all the countries, I visit on the net, have become more of open letter boxes. Seeking to be of some useful help and support to people , it is getting progressively harder to find an outlet for that need in me. What I am a bit surprised at is that there is not a realisation that only now are we getting a truer idea of actually what treatment does and what sort of success ratios are. Of course the number of relapses and those having to withdraw from treatment are increasing. More people are being treated, there is a set standard of treatment now, also there is more communication. So there will be a point when there will be a peak and  then an average level  of  statistics be achieved on this treatment.

At least the numbers of new sufferers are tapering down, better education and screening has seen to that. But if the high cost of medical drugs and health providers is not handled carefully then it will grow again due to cost cutting and cheap fixes. The gradual decline in the growth of nations capital means is going to accelerate that shrinkage and will affect all treatments for all illness. Only so much money can be made available from anybody's budget, whether it is national or personal. It is unfortunate that those of us in the 40+ age group are the ones that will have to suffer the extremities of having HCV. But at least early detection and having a viable treatment option will make things better for our children.
I for one ,as the saying goes, have lived through interesting times.So much has changed and the speed of that changed increased unbelievably in my life time.  Given the chance, what will be the changes in the next 20 years? I can see two paths open. Path one is one of harmony and international co-operation for the benefit of all. Path two is one of fiscal dominance and rape of the less fortunate nations, reliance on the quick buck and control of populations by withholding necessary raw materials far in excess to what is happening already. You can see that going on already with the price of oil. Wealth, as a monetary thing, has no value if you  are basing what you have as debt owed. Countries do become bankrupt , then what value has that debt. The option then becomes war.......... Sorry,haven't the ability to express what I mean to say with some forcefulness.  But we are all guilty of wanting more and getting it by doing less. When it comes down to it ,if we could get what we wanted without the effort it's bugger you mate and toughies. I feel a bunny hugger mood coming on so off to another discussion forum. Check you later.all_avatarsB

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