Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some of the greatest disappointments

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I have harped on this before,one of the greatest disappointments to me is the continual in fighting that goes on between people that I have met on forums. Not just those Hcv related, but others as well. You would think that there would be common ground, a neutrality in personal conflicts in these places. Forums are not blogs, they are supposed to be communities of like minded people who meet to discuss and think about certain things relevant to that forum . I have over these last few months made  contact with a lot of people, most are unaware that I discourse with others that are so called the foe. Why I ask my self is there so much animosity, aren't we all in the same boat, there seems to be a competition going on between individuals ,that they are the best or most knowledgeable or that they hold a more significant social position in the pecking order. Does it matter, I hope that there will always be some one better than me at everything, with out them I can't learn and grow as a person. My significance in life is unimportant, for like all I will die and all that is left is dust.
What is important is to be the best you  that is achievable, not what you have as possessions or social skill or wealth. Happiness is being satisfied with what life deals you, making the best of it and when you go on be remembered as being an individual.
It is sad that you will always have the hurt individuals who cannot accept things, they have anger and pain inside and need to feel that they can lash out and make others hurt as well.

I don't want to pity you, but I would like to understand where you are coming from and why you have this need. I am a mean viscous bastard in the flesh and have been described as being without compassion for others, ruthless to the extreme. Maybe I was and maybe I still am, it is up to life what I have gained or lost from this experience with Hcv,  Friday is the end of this chapter , I finish TX, I now can detoxify. When it comes to forums I shall continue to be a member as long as there is some benefit I can be of to those who need support. There seems to be a lot more information out on the web these days, different than 38 months ago  when I started on this path of TX's. But the questions and worries remain the same for those who need or are in treatment. If friendship is all I have of value to offer  then I will gladly give it
It was given to me and at the time in life when I needed it the most. To my friends I thank you, to my enemies I also thank you. Enemies I have always had , so I am used to you, friends are what I have gained, which is strange and new to me. I much prefer friends!cid_005701c872c3$75302da0$9614a8c0@server

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