Thursday, March 13, 2008

Short trip down the road

Well I am bored, so let me think of an event. I was 3 or 4 years old ( yes I do remember) ,be surprised  go back in your own memories and you will be shocked how far back you can go. We were living in Malta, my youngest brother was just a bump in the belly, so there was 4 of us , mum , dad ,Raymond and me , oh and the bump. For once we were all together, never happened much, so it was off to a swimming cliff, can't remember a beach in Malta, must be one  imagine ,some where. My dad was 23 and still very young, I could swim like a fat penguin, so I was always tossed in and dad would then dive in after.  Well we got to the swim spot and low and behold there was a dog tied to a rope on the bottom of the water. It was moving, my dad the hero dives in to rescue the dog,( he could be kind on occasions, not often though) grabbing the dog by the tail and hind leg he makes for the surface. Dog rescued , well parts were the tail and hind leg especially, it had been tossed in to drown days before and was animated by currents. For a youngster it was a long day, hot and fun, we did things that normal families did, my father was yet to go to Indo- china to fight and become a different person. Now the roads were few in Malta , narrow and usually up against a cliff, cars fewer still ,but my dad had been loaned one ,an ancient prewar box of a car, stiff suspension on a fixed wooden chassis, very rigid. Out of the blue, as we go around a bend ,a car wheel goes wobbling past us, dad laughs and says someone's for it they've lost a tyre, it was us. The front axle had sheared and the wheel departed on it's own independent way. We drove home on 3 wheels the car frame so stiff that it didn't loose any height but only sagged when going round bends. Good funny memory that. my folks were young and I am older now than my father ever got.

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