Monday, March 17, 2008

A matter of Social Responsibility

This is I'm afraid completely off the track . THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK. Selling Olga,authored by Louisa Waugh, published by Orion Publishing.2006. It is a deep inside look into human trafficking across Europe. Well written and probably the most up to date books on the subject. This form of slavery should be completely wiped off the face of the earth. Also the  criminal people involved have no rights to being classed as human . An apt punishment would be ,subsistence hard labour, life imprisonment, with life being that , till death.  The only freedom of choice is that those guilty can be given the choice of death and their organs donated for transplant.  See, I am passionately against this abuse. If an adult freely chooses to be a prostitute and is not forced or coerced into the life then fair enough, register and legalise them, tax, pension and health benefits being paid in and given in return as in any other job.
Trafficking is rife in Africa as is population abuse, genocide, muti slayings, organ theft and child abuse for pornographic and sick perversions of so called humans. Thousands of children disappear yearly in Southern Africa, they are stolen from their homes, hospitals ,schools, playgrounds. Disappear entirely, no bones are found. Those that are, only then is the country all agitated. But the missing are still forgotten, remembered by their families in solitude. The majority coming from poor rural back grounds don't even have pictures, those that do usually years out of date. A world wide child register is a must, an image made at least every second year for the first 16 years taken and stored. We are morally and sociably responsible. As with Hcv it needs to be brought out and be recognised by all.
England, is an end destination for a lot of human trafficking, the government with it's laws seem to be active participants, few or little funds are made available, to end let alone prevent this sickness. The worse of it is the so called leaders and morally upright are the ones who make use and abuse in often depraved ways those who have been trafficked.
If you know or suspect human trafficking or child prostitution it is your duty to report it, by not doing so you are directly involving your self by ignorant inactivity.  There are few places of refuge or help for those who have broken free of their slave masters.
Privately funded and one of the few active safe house organisations is the following. Read the book first then decide.
The Poppy Project.
Eaves Housing for Women,
1-3 Brixton Road.
London SW9 6 DE
TEL 0207 735 2062
then  I am bitterly disappointed in you. How can you cry about having hep when this is a worth while cause. Something that you can give help too and feel good about. Colin M Goodman.

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