Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In a nut shell

Warning,post TX is just as bad as TX itself. Alright is is early days, but I did expect a little change in having not to take the ribavarin every day. Fat chance, same headache , same joint aches, less itching though( yippee), same trance like state to the thought process. Worse, chestiness, tiredness, loss of balance, depth perception and mood swings.  went to work Monday, maybe a bit soon, lasted 7 hours not to bad, but crashed out as soon as I got home. The traffic chaos in Cape town is unbelievable, you can't enjoy driving anywhere no matter what time. Even Michael Schoonemakker said it was too dangerous to drive on the roads here. I met him a few years ago at  Klapmuts where they were making a few adverts. I was surprised how approachable he was and friendly, but very tiny, most people are matched against my size. I knew I had lost weight but didn't realise how much till I put my overalls on, 2 sizes too big. I still feel fat and huge. The guys reckon I now look even more a head case, thin short hair, severe mouth and I've lost my laughter lines, (riba slip)also I have huge broad square shoulders which are now really showing. So Monday was a semi success but Tuesday was completely the reverse. Woke up drained and a bit confused, got to work and started , promptly fainted and keeled over for a few minutes. Stuck my head under a cold tap cleared the brain and resumed, 30 mins later same position and that was that, was ill all day and night. Totally confused, what was that ? It's lunch time now on Wednesday and only now can I think straight, but I have developed terrible mucous on my chest , if it gets worse then it's docs for me. Never had chest problems before! maybe with all the veldt fires lately and dust in the air I've picked up a microbe, hope it isn't Tb which is endemic in the western cape. So I SHALL FIGHT ON AND WILL WORK TOMORROW BOLLOCKS TO HCV I WILL KICK IT'S TINY ARSE........

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