Friday, February 15, 2008


Music and freedoms of expression exploded in the 60's and 70's.
With the freedom of leisure and an improved education system, not necessarily a better one, the young started to rebel against the staid and stuffy upbringing of their parents. This was a time of experimentation. Drugs, fashions, sex, life styles nothing was taboo, everything was open. These were the years of sharing, most everything, of communing with the spirits, nature ,the inner you what ever you desired. Drugs were regarded not so much as an escape from yourself but a way of lowering the barriers and opening the doors to the inner you. It was a done thing and not looked down on to the extent it had been and will be in the future. Sex was a big experiment, the g spot and the transcendental orgasm a thing to be searched for. STD'S were simple on the most part to be cured and were not worried over, after all it was only a jab in the arse, no one mentioned the painful umbrella treatment or the wet rot of genital herpes. I can't recall how many times I was involved in group sex or what we called line ups at parties, how many passed the bong or made a skuif, the quick sweaty grunt and fumble in the rear of a disco, only to quickly return to look for the next partner. It was fun, the penalties seemed low and of course you got bragging rights and were one of the lads.

We were many things in those days, innocent always, naive of course, we made the generation what it is today. The thoughtless, greedy, self satisfying uneducated youth of today. They are the product of our indulgences and we have reaped what we had sown. Aids, Hcv and all the other nasties, we put it out there and it has come back and bit us. Whether directly or indirectly we haven't got the right to complain about our lot, dislike it yes, treat it of course. But to complain, I'm sorry we don't deserve that.
Hepatitis is not nice, it is not fair and it is a shock to be told you have it. It wasn't a choice to catch it but those of my age group didn't hold back, worry about disease and death or of transmitting disease. Condoms were for fairies and skin to skin was natures way. Yep so is transmission of illness skin to skin , natures way.

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