Friday, February 15, 2008

Love and freedom.

I was fortunate in a sense to have been born and live during the most formative decades of the twentieth century. A century of massive wars, destruction, countless deaths. A century of displacement of races,values and traditions. The ending of rule by the entitled to rule by the masses. Or so we are led to believe.
After the oppressive starting decades of the century, a migration from  the country to the cities took full pace. Due to the wars the thoughts an expectations of the populations had changed. The desire for made goods was ignited, also the types of skills in these years altered ,reading and writing became all important, being able to read allows education to develop and  the realisation that there was a lot more to life than what was on your door step. The years of the depression  caused by draught driven famines, the drop in rural manpower due to the exodus to the cities ,lack of trade and financial confidence ,were dragged aside by the resurgence of war. The second world war brought a focus on education, skill development and of course methods of production. Investment in skills training and a shortage of man power allowed the first true emancipation of women, they were for the first time allowed to do equal jobs as men,although not regarded as of equal value and standing and more often than not being paid less than their male counterparts.
This would lead eventually to the sexual revolution of the 50's and 60's, women had there own wants and desires and were far more ready to demand it. Enough history on to my story.
Born in 1956 smack in the centre of the cultural revolution, people were richer, economies were growing and that boon to the working man, a shorter working week. More free time with more spare money allowed people to try out new thoughts and ideas. TV and radio opened up whole new markets fashions and ideas jumping across continents as quick as a signal could take them.

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