Sunday, February 3, 2008

If it is convenient

You can read all the textbooks there are on Hcv and apart from the clinical,facts and effects of the illness, there is a big lack of treatment for the main reason of doing it. You treat, not to beat the illness, not to extend your life but to improve life's  quality . The whole effort is placed on the body and it's functioning, what does it leave behind after TX?
The vehicle that contains you is treated. That package of organs and separate but interdependent life forms that comprises the self -contained universe of your living body. But what of the spirit that is the sentinant part, the awareness of being alive and individual. That is not taken and treated along with all the other nastiness that is called Hcv. Treatment ,if any, is remedial. The mental and psychological effects only observed in the context of doing the treatment to it's conclusion. Most if not all of us go in to tx with a survival plan, but not with one that is built around maintaining who we were. We change few come out the other side of treatment whole in mind and spirit. We lose something along the way, it can only be treatment related because that is all that has changed in our lives during that time. It is not that there is  an  unawareness of that sx, it is that there is no profit in it's treatment, it is ignored by the governmental health bodies and no financial or support is given. You go in and do your thing and how you manage to support yourself and your family, well that is your problem. Part of treatment should be, morally, support in whatever form that is needed to get through this time. Forget about the cost of treatment itself, we the population have forgotten that  governments are servants of the people and we have allowed ourselves to be convinced that we are servants of government.Held in our place by fear of retribution, by the very people who are where they are because we put them there. Our silence is deafening , before money is wasted on the fripperies of public office,parties , trips overseas, lavish banquets, security, extravagant transportation and of course the expensive furniture and art work that are the signs of a powerful government worker. Thought MUST be put to the people who are the body of government. It is a sad fact in life that more money is spent in the act of killing than that which is spent in the support of daily living. We are fools, we put these self serving people in the position of power, we keep them there not because of the service they do but because we side with one gang or another we are pack led!!!!!!!

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