Thursday, February 14, 2008


I had an interesting discussion last night, it was about functionality. A couple of my friends made an unexpected appearance. They had migrated about 4 years ago to NewZealand. They are a gay couple with a 7 year old adopted son of a different race, we got talking about prejudice,(mainly because of the reason they relocated in the first place) eventually we got on to the subject of disabilities. So the thought has stuck with me and I would like to share it.

Personally the word used in the context of human abilities appals me.  I prefer, if it is going to be a classification, as being regarded as differently able. No one born or dead has been truly able  bodied. We are all born imperfect, we are all different and it is that straying from perfection in body and form that makes us individuals. If you live you are able, maybe not to a degree of function which may be sufficient ,but you will have at least an ability. The descriptive disabled is limiting and if applied to one's self sets borders  of being not able. It is self restricting and allows the excuse of the inability to do certain functions, to not to try to do them differently.Disabled is the perfect crutch and is easily used to give a place to hide from life and make no attempt to actually live to your ability. It is used as an excuse for all sorts of illnesses and vices. To rise to your abilities, to go beyond your expectations of failure, to try, be defeated but not give up makes us all able bodied. To do the most and the best you can with the tools you have got in life makes you a success, each small achievement is actually a giant stride and should not be measured up against the values of others, but it should bring satisfaction and a sense of gain to yourself. Any move forward ,is a step further than what you had walked before.
My friends due to their gender preference, family and public prejudice, personal and public expectations of life styles had made themselves disabled, unable to live the life they could and should be living amongst their friends. By setting personal boundaries they to showed active prejudice, they presupposed many things and made themselves dis -enabled. Being different is human and not disabled. You should live your life as being differently able.

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