Monday, January 7, 2008

The wheel turns slower

I was scarcely prepared for the procedure to fix my legs. The company I had been working for as a production manager decided that as I couldn't give them a firm commitment about being able to work, fired me as being unfit for my duties. There was and still is no firm assurance of unemployment payment for those who are involved in a trade and anyhow it is a prolong and frustrating system to work through and at the end you may only get a few hundred rand's after months of toing and froing from one dept, to another. It took me 14 months to obtain R400 tax rebate that period I was not working. I paid out of my own pocket R14000 for the op,and follow ups. I was unable to work for 2 years full time. The reason 3 days after the op, due to poor hygiene procedures in the hospital I caught septicaemia. Hydroencephalitist resulted and I was in septic shock. I wasn't suppose to pull through, my blood levels dropped and I was also bleeding all over. I ended up in high care for 5 weeks and in hospital for 4 months. I refused to cover the bill for this and was prepared to go to court but the bill was squashed. So eventually I was released, unemployed, unwell and with only my savings to live on. So I decided to do what I liked and just lived it up. I had a 2 year old Audi 200sl and just decided to give up my flat ,sell what I could and drive. That was what I did for the next 2 years, living in my car, working occasionally and going from one beach to another, one dorp or the next as it took me. But eventually life catches up and I decided to get back to Cape town and restart anew. My weight had dropped to 78 kg, I had a scruffy beard and long ,long hair. I was black from the sun and apart from fruit and sea food hadn't eaten  home cooked meals for years. I was clean but unrecognisable to my family. I had got so use to living outside that I couldn't adjust to living indoors for months. Capetown meant that I had to get a job, I didn't want to go into engineering. During the proceeding years my father's health had failed so for a few months I got his businesses sorted out and took over a garden / building business for him while he arranged to sell it. That is how I met my wife Tracy. I was her garden boy, I had scarcely noticed her, she was 16 and I was 29, she was just a kid. I only found out 2 years later that she had a crush on me, when I had moved into my parents home to help with my dad who would die 3 months later. I never asked to marry her, there was no proposal we just got married.  It felt right, we had no money, no place to stay and nothing in the way of goods. We never even dated, don't ask me how it came about but we have been happily married for 20 odd years. The week after we married I bought the house we now own, at 2/3 the market value. I had nothing in the bank , no full time job and no savings. To do it I lied, also there was so much under the counter dealings going on that I never even paid transfer or registration costs. I had to get a full time job and applied at a new company which I had dealt with when temping. I fitted in and never have regretted staying with them through the years. So we have reached today. There is more but the fillings will come in time.

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The Dude said...

Wow das hell of a story so far CG
I hate bullies always have. Acidents really do fuck our lives up das for sure I wuz in a coma for ten days as u know.
One day at a time now. it can get frustrating. Seven O levels; pretty good going namaste Guy