Thursday, January 24, 2008

A reflection

!cid_009a01c85816$63e388c0$9614a8c0@server Well , thinking on about Hcv,I have these thoughts.
The biggest problem I think with carrying this virus is it's delay time ,from when we contacted it ,till the time we are showing active viral affects on our bodies. For the most of us it is a slow process. There is the rub.  Without realising it we have been making continuous compensations to the damage being caused. We don't suddenly become over taken by the symptoms, often slight at first we ignore them until they cannot be ignored. By the nature of viral transference , more than a few have contacted it through having operations or repairs after accidents. That in itself is taken to be the cause of any niggling complaints we might be feeling afterwards and we put it down to that.From personal experience away from Hep the continual feeling of illness or pain drains you. Depression in some form or the other is the result. To a certain extent you can handle it, but because it is dragged out it often needs assistance in some type of treatment. Often shame in the fact that you feel that you are showing a weakness stops many from seeking aid. Depression is not without symptoms ,it too causes a few of the sides we put down as being due to the virus. Also it is not unusual to have a combative personality, you become, over time, more aggressive in your responses to what is perceived as a personal attack on your sensitivities. Often not meant as such, it is usually over reacted to and becomes a full blown disagreement. Often it is only due to the fact that for the majority the communicative skills are not good and our personal knowledge of another is only slight and mistakes are made. Face to face many have trouble getting a message or, even harder, a feeling across. Health forums are a difficult environment to make contact and maintain a pleasantness of associations, sick people dealing with issues with other sick people are very explosive. Questions on how much you can ask or say are raised. Life is never easy when dealing with others, travelling around on the web I have noticed that most of the people using these forums are like me, not unfriendly but also used to being very private in their personal lives, have few friends but a lot of acquaintances. The forum is a  place for us searching for contact over and on top of assistance or advice on Hcv.

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