Thursday, January 10, 2008

Living with Hcv

skulltable Having Hcv is feeling that you are living a half life. You feel ill but not, you have the will but not the strength. You start to wish that you could look like death warmed up to prevent the ever available "My your looking well". I don't feel well, I look like I could go 12 rounds with anyone. Most days I feel like crying, I wake up that way ,I'm on anti D's ,fat lot of good. I'm hungry but as soon as I taste something I want to vomit. I have a constant dry mouth, dry eyes and a strong metallic taste in my mouth. My legs are swollen, my joints ache, my urine is dark and stinks. I have a slight headache 24-7, my eyesight is deteriorating and my skin itches. I have no control of my body heat. I can feel hot and freezing within seconds of each other. I have constant cramps in my legs and arms. The insides of my ears are constantly itching. My bowels are loose and the soles of my feet hurt. I do all the right things to keep my body well, eat drink and exercise correctly. Welcome to my life on TX. Yes I look well, I smile a lot I am after all on holiday, or so I'm told. Aren't you lucky that they keep your job open, well it costs my boss nothing as I don't get paid. Am I bitter? No ,should I be? I am on treatment to save my life , without it I would not live for long with the damage I have incurred to my liver thru the Hcv virus. Would I do TX again if I needed too? Yes , I've already done it twice before and still have 15 weeks out of 52 to do, which maybe stretched to 72 weeks if I can.
This is something you could do on your own but why when you can make and form friendships with fellow heppers on forums. I have and I am not the easiest of people to get on with, being self opinionated and controlling that I am.

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