Monday, January 28, 2008

Forums and the question of freedoms.

Lately in several forums a question of freedoms of interaction amongst individuals have been drawn. It is a reoccurring theme and pops up it's little head every couple of months. Freedom of speech also means the freedom to reply, on  forum. If the contact is made off forum then the basic principal of a private conversation should then be applied. The forum administers and adjudicators have the moral responsibility to prevent it becoming part of the public domain. But unfortunately this can only be done by a totally unbiased individual and on a completely unbending basis ,according to the rules of the said forum. The rules are usually part of the stipulations made on joining a forum and agreed to by the member to be. A blog is a separate entity, it is either an open page or restricted, it can be responsive or just a closed statement and the right of an individual covered by common laws, slander copyright etc. If you enter a blog and don't like what goes on in it don't return, other wise it is like complaining about pornography after you have checked it all out. You had the choice of reading or not, no excuse. Another complaint is often the swapping of memberships from one forum too and fro. There is absolutely no problem as far as I can see, it is after all a forum, it is not a possession and is made up of it's members ,a forum of one is called a blog. It is just a question of jealousies and personal possessions, we all tend to form bonds with certain things and people if it looks like that bond is endangered we tend to react, not always in a good way.

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LaurieBluesGuy said...

Hi Col,

I'm in agrement on joining of Forums, people should join what they wan to. Each Forum is different and each ffers a different perspective or Focus on the Hep C problem. It's not mutually exclusive and should never be so.

Some Forum owners and/or members try and treat it as an exclusive club - you can't be in my club if you're in their's etc ...

I've left Frums never to return cos of the way I've seen them run, but still wish them all the best and also their members. And that the way it should be.

Too many people feel anger when we should be compassionate .

Well - that's my view on it all ..

B cool bro,