Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Final Decision

Shaken, bruised and very stiff I was kept in hospital for a week, mainly blood factor maintenance and observation. Being asleep in the back and laying on each other had saved our lives. But we had been crushed into odd positions, due to his circulation being cut for some time in his foot one friend would eventually get infected and loose a portion of that foot. The other would end up with a permanent dead spot on his face due to facial nerve damage. Myself, already having a damaged pelvis and a non existent ball to my right hip, had come to the end of my choices in life. Unable to walk and work , it was no option but a full prosthetic hip.I had already been refused one in  England, due to haemophilia and the risk to me, more likely it was something that a surgeon didn't want to risk his reputation on. I was fortunate, having been a guinea pig all my life, a new, for South Africa, procedure was going to be demonstrated and the surgeon from Austria who developed it was going to use me to demonstrate. I was happy to take the risk and signed wavers of liability explaining that I understood the risks involved. A date was arranged. My mind was made up, if my wife (ex) didn't come over then I would be unable to return in the near future. What monies I had was for my op and support until I could work again. I asked her to come over, she refused, so I went for a divorce. She refused but was still not coming over so the first papers were served. That day she phoned and told me to stop the divorce, she was coming, a couple of weeks went by, not a sign of her coming over, so I continued the divorce. She then contested it, but I had supporting documents, receipts and letters for my case and it was granted. My ties to England were cut and my place of birth was now home permanently. This is boring but it will explain a few things later.

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