Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The years 13 to 17 cont.,

The event to have leave the greatest mark occurred at 20h30 on 23 December 1971. That evening I was knocked down by a hit and run driver on a pedestrian crossing. Traffic light controlled, he must have been drunk and just carried on without slowing down. The funny thing is I felt nothing, no pain at the time just a numbness, I would learn it was a shock mechanism, lucky me. I guy I knew helped me home, I actually walked, seeing the state I was in my parents phoned an ambulance. By the time it arrived I had swollen to 3 times my normal size , my skin stretching and turning a steely blue. I had swollen so much that the way I sat is how I was on the stretcher. I was later discovered to have a fractured left leg, a broken pelvis, a fracture right hip. Broken ribs on my left side, broken right collar bone and dislocated shoulder and a compression fracture of two neck vertebrae and a cracked skull. Still conscious they induced an 18 day comma whilst they fought my massive internal bleeding and reduce the swelling so they could repair me. For 4 months I was a truly coloured person going thru all the hues of a rainbow before my colour normalised. It was nearly a year before I left hospital only to return 2 months later too stay for 4 months to fix some of the damage.
If ever I find out who knocked me down I would extract a slow and painful revenge ,leaving them to suffer a life of remaining agony and if they died I wish I could bring them back so I could inflict more suffering. Nice aren't I, don't you believe it, revenge has a sweet taste and can be savoured for a long time.

Most of the schist I went thru is caused by the results of this accident and the ensuing problems it caused thru the years. I also believe this is the time when I contracted the Hep C Virus, which 25 years later ,would destroy my health almost completely.
Because of being in and out of hospital my education suffered and I never achieved the results I needed then to go to University .I could have rewritten a few months later but my father refused to allow this so I had to find work. 17 years old I left school after achieving 7 "O" levels. Without a clue what I wanted to do.

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