Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A walk in the past

I have  vivid memories of my child hood, it is strange how far back it goes. My brother Raymond is scarcely a year younger than me. I can remember being taken to stay for a while with an aunt, the birth was difficult and Raymond was injured by an incompetent doctor, who insisted on forceps delivery , damaging his lower spine. Eventually he was delivered by caesarian.my mother was a bleeder tho not recognised as such( it will be years before my brother 'Stephen and I are diagnosed), She on returning home haemoraged and almost bled out.
A bit about my history:
I am what is known as a forces brat, my father at the time of my conception, a junior seaman,stationed in Sa on a corvette,aged 19 his mother refused him permission to marry,my mother was a Dutch Afrikaner according to gran a wog,According to law he could only marry by petition or with permission from the navy, neither granted.(The funny thing is my dad was German Jew by decent,his family settling in UK after WW1). Before my birth he had to return to England. In 1956 he was put on active duty and was involved with removing French and other citizens from INDO CHINA. On returning through Cape Town he turned 21 and married my mother. On my birth certificate I am fully registered, but because of the times I never got registered at Somerset house so have always been South African This does cause some problems in my future.
So my earliest memory is of being about 15 months old, living in Horfield Bristol.
About 4 months later my father was stationed in Malta for a little over 2 years. My memories of Malta is of the late50's early 60s.At the time it was basically a military base, small cramped and old. We lived in the roof flat of a 4 story block of flats. No electricity, water restricted to a trickle once a day for 1 hour.( Those days the water reservoir in the mountains was small and the water shipped in in tanker boats.) Every drop of water was conserved, you washed yourself, then washed the clothes and the waste water either washed floors or was used to water the roof garden. The toilets were a case with a large metal bucket which  had rackasan crystals to keep the odour down and to prevent germs.This was collected religiously and used as fertilizer on the farms.

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