Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A walk in the past, (gone but not forgotten)

I don't want anyone to imagine that these were idyllic times. My mother was in a strange land , three very young children, it was cold and she was unwell, going thru various procedures  to fix her problems. (Years later she was to find that a kidney had the tube to the bladder stitched closed during one of her ops, it atrophied and was a factor to her death eventually.)

I and my younger brother started to have episodes of bleeding, around this time, frequent nose bleeds and bruising, haemophilia was never mentioned, we weren't classic in the presentation of bleeds so no diagnosis. It was the days of pressure bandages and warm poultices to aid the healing. A pressure bandage is like a medieval form of torture. They would wrap a bleeding and painfully swollen joint with elastic bandage to reduce swelling. This would cause the bleed to invade surrounding tissue and necrotic blood damage of more tissue would occur, the bleeding area growing progressively. But that was the sum of knowledge and normal treatment, that and rest. I can tell you it was bloody painful and I would have rather bled. I'm no hero. I can't remember how many times the veins in my nose and throat were sealed but I lost my sense of taste and smell for years. I don't even know if what I have now is normal in that respect.
The communist take over of Malaysia was in full swing, so 6 months before us ,my father was transferred to Singapore This was 1960-still the old colonial days and Singapore was Asia for Asians.

( I am only skipping thru things, have many stories but they are mail in themselves and if anyone is interested will eventually write about them) Well more for another day and another walk .

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