Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tiredness,itching and sore throat

Well,it's been a while since my last mail. Not been to well as of late.Nothing specific just a collection of different sides from the treatment and depression. I'm finding that I'm just hovering around the anaemic mark with my hg levels and my blood sugars are jumping from low to high.It has been quite lonely at home the last few weeks,my kids have been doing their exams and my wife preparing for the end of the school year. What has kept me sane is that we rescued a puppy that had been dumped in a drain, he almost died but he has brought fun back to my life, very intelligent and very active he encourages me to go on walks and get out. more. Since being on treatment I've become very withdrawn and in on myself. My employers have been very good to me as they have given me assurances my job will remain open for my return when fit enough but I still feel bad about not being able to work. This Hcv is a soul destroyer, it doesn't matter if you achieve svr you will never be the same person, hopefully I will come out of it a better one. A more tolerant attitude for others and the need to assist people seems to be one of my plus values. My capacity to reason and to hold onto thoughts is really suffering and at the moment I just can't follow things through. My  Lichen planus has acted up again and I am almost raw all over, must be due to the heat of summer. My saliva glands have all but dried up and the skin on my tongue and throat is burning and raw ,oral dactryl  is helping a little but the itching is making my insomnia worse.aCo_Dragon The dragon is fighting back

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