Monday, December 17, 2007

Stumbling along

church I continue to be dismayed how one little set back can undo weeks of recovery. It is hard to keep an even temperament and just deal with your day, taking one day at a time. I have found you become more receptive to other people while on a treatment regimen. There ups and downs can drive you forward or hold you back just as much as your own. News of non-responding, a relapse or progression in illness of others who have, however temporary, come into your life as friends and comrades in arms, can drag you back towards the black abyss.
I watched sicko today and was not the least surprised, which is sad in itself. It is terrible that we set a price too life and not a value for life. Society has become more profit driven and we are just as suspect. How many of us look at the financial aspects of treating and set a price on their life. Money and not their life is what drives them. Possessions are put over health, we drive ourselves to provide for a comfortable old age and forget about today. Work and the accumulation of wealth becomes supreme, we work to make our children's lives easier than ours. You scrimp and save and put in the extra hours for college fees or a little starter fund for when they leave home. What usually happens, you don't reach pension age or have to spend your funds on health, your children drop out of school or don't achieve their potential from lack of interest. The money you set up for them they spend on a new car or a fancy holiday and then stay at home because it is to expensive to find a place of their own. The reason for money is so that you don't have to work all the time to provide the necessities for life, that you have time to live and enjoy living. Time is irreplaceable and we waste it by substituting it for money and the unnecessary trappings of showing to others our achievement  of wealth in front of others. The happier person is one who has little but is satisfied with what he has got, rather than one who has everything and is unhappy unless they get more, they will never receive satisfaction in life.

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