Saturday, December 1, 2007

Istay just a few minytes away from here
The most beautiful cape in the world. I call it home.

Tornado Some people ask me how is it that I get depressed, I'm allways busy. Being busy has nothing to do with it. If you have continuous health problems it gradually chips you down. I must admit living in South Africa is a beautiful place to stay. It is the continuous drain of energy you get, the fact that you feel great, start something and in minutes are completely drained. You become introverted and turn back in on yourself, Hcv becomes your life and also an excuse, we all at some times use it. Caffeine Having a damaged liver I must watch what stimulants I take, one which I find working is called guarana. Contains no caffien but has similar properties, gives a short energy boost

Doctormy doctor recons that it shouldn't hurt but I must use it moderately. It seems that lately a few of the forums I stop at have become quite political and that is a downer. With HCV you don't want to fight anything else, at least the hep c discussion forum has so far stayed a good bunch of friends and the numbers are climbing. Well I#m a bit down and when in a better place will post some thing more entertaining.

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LaurieBluesGuy said...

Too true,

we all need to battle the Virus and not each other.

All my best