Monday, December 31, 2007

The dancing years.

I had been quite seriously injured by the car accident. My legs were weak and I basically had to relearn to walk. The few disco's I had gone too I had been adopted by the Jamaican girls from my school, I had a natural rhythm and could  reggae or do northern soul or ska with the best of them and not look white, if you know what I mean. Average Brit had the rhythmic response of a sanitary towel and danced so tight ,must of had a stick up the backside. Only age and booze loosen them up or maybe it has changed, I wouldn't know. But taking the attitude and the actions of a partying British holiday maker here ,it hasn't changed. I had been told that I could not be repaired , my pelvis will collapse soon and the head of my femur none existent ,prepare for a wheel chair. I started upper body muscle exercises to give =me the strength to pull myself around.
My day started in pain and ended with a hip dislocating agony, every day. Work or play I suffered. But the greatest thing about dancing was that it strengthened my hip muscles,wore my hip bone away daily so it still could function after a fashion. Only as the day wore on the pain tired the muscles and eventually they would not hold the hip and it would pop out of the socket.  It hurt like hell, the only way was to force it back into place and get off of my legs . But I had fun made some friends but met hundreds of people, went all over the place in Europe and partied.  I met all types and seemed to just fit in, but always on my terms. There was the public me and the private person I am. I don't believe in lying  as my memory isn't good enough to lie. Rather say nothing or the truth and it will not come back and bite you. The people I knew in  one persona did not know the other. I think this is what made my first wife confused and she was also not so firm in her grasp of reality. I will not say much about her , I cocked it up and it would have ended at one time or another no matter what. I wasn't ready and I wasn't the person she fooled herself into believing I was. I just hope she had a happy and successful life and remain happy with her second husband.I haven't seen her in 25 years and it worked out all the better for me.  I will skip a few years as they are only of interest to me and will chat about my return home to South Africa in my next post.

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