Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The thing about doing treatment for Hcv, isn't the disease itself. It is in the preparation you go through before you start. Most of us start researching to find out our options, what treatment is there and what is the success rate? Then things like ,genome type , viral load, ALT AST, have you got liver damage etc start coming up. You start to panic. If you are single the fear of a support structure and how to manage financially worry you. How will you work, how will you arrange treatment, are you covered by health insurance have all got to be sorted.It isn't much different if you have a family, we wonder about how we are going to manage.. It isn't easy, but you need to take it all into account. Hcv can be debilitating, the sides can be severe on treatment and in truth you must plan for the worse scenario and hope for the best. You may worry who and when do you tell anyone you have the illness. There is no rules, I personally feel no shame in the fact I have it, I don't boast about it, but I am open with my work colleagues and friends and certain others who need to know. The more exposure this HCV gets the less chance that future generations and other sufferers have to go without advice, a clear guide line to manage the treatment. What side affects you can experience and a support structure. Support whether virtual on a forum or real is very important. You are not alone ,there are others who have the sickness and they are either SVR or on treatment or in one stage or the other with treatment. Join a forum or discussion group it helps. Who and if you tell anyone is your decission and up to your beliefs. There is no right or wrong only what you feel comfortable with.

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