Saturday, November 24, 2007

My trip on treatment

I had no intention of going so long between pages, but circumstances have ruled otherwise. One of my side affects from treatment is depression ,for which I recieve Anti-depressants. They sort of take the edge off but only mildly.For the last few weeks I've been sick from my sides , not working and basically not functional. I popped in a photo from last year. My self and Tracy ,my wife. Will load one of present and will show the sides of my present treatment later, they are few and far between as I'm camera shy and hate pics. People must bare with me as I'm new to computers so it is a learning curve, first is the typing speeds , at least that is improoving. The forums I've been visiting to do with Hcv have been a little quiet and I don't know if it is myself or due to the change of season a bit depressing. The funny thing I've discovered is that this illness changes a persons outlook on life completely. They tend to want to help and support others even if they are suffering themselves, it also draws a person out of their shells, I for one would have never attempted blogging if it wasn't for Hcv. I've also met some wonderful supportive and seemingly genuine friends on line who are also fellow sufferers and these words are mainly thanks to them .

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stevenotts said...

Why do we tend towards helping and supporting others ?? but yes, yuo are right !