Saturday, November 3, 2007

The early pages

The side affects I experienced of Hep c didn't suddenly rush out and grab me. It was a slow gradual change over years My feet and legs began to swell, strange mottling appeared on legs and arms. Dryness of my mouth, dry flaking skin, latitude and lack of interest in life. Everything was an effort. Went to bed tired ,woke up tired,night sweats, cramps. A constant niggling upper right quadrant pain. My bowels became loose and the stools the look of clay.
At home simple maintenance jobs became major projects. A feeling of frustration and inadequacy permeated the day. I became more aggressive and argumentative. A horrible metallic taste was in my mouth, my eyes were dry. Every old injury and joint ached. It became impossible to work with my arms above my head. My blood pressure almost over night shot up. So off to my GP, he referred me to a specialist who wrongly diagnosed me as having hypertension and an enlarge heart caused by glandular fever. I was under his treatment for 2 years until the real diagnosis was made, at no time was my blood pressure under control whilst he was in charge, the only thing that had improved was his bank balance. Funny thing is if I do my job incompetently I can be sued or have to make restitution, his incompetence cost him nothing and I never got so much as an apology from him. There was nothing to be gained by pursuing the matter so I got on with life. Fortunately I was eventually correctly diagnosed and now I'm having treatment. That is for my next letter.

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