Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The early pages

I was fortunate in life to have been born with Christmas disease, factorXI hemophilia, a chromosome abnormality.Classified as a 4% base value I am termed a moderate bleeder. But it makes no difference I bleed when I bleed. This is a joint destroying , debilitating and often painful illness. All of my life I have been receiving treatment for this. Given contaminated blood products in my teens, I subsequently contracted,hep A, C and B. My own systems defences cleared A and B ,but not before my liver was damaged. This allowed the opportunity for Hcv to rule my health and continue the destruction of my liver. The virii gaining the upper hand about 8 years ago with the viral count increasing by blood tests and my liver enzymes showing strain. Hepatitis is the type of virrii which use your bodies blood system to live and replicate, the liver is one of the main organs these little bugs call home and replicate by the millions inside red blood cells. Hcv is a Rna virus, entering thru the wall of the blood cell and taking up it's identity.Most other virus are dna respondent and park off on the outside of the cell using mutations to prevent your immune system from killing it off easily. Hcv being inside is not so recognisable as being alien so has immediate defense. Now here comes the rub, your immune system knows it is under attack but can't recognise what is doing it. So the only resource is to kill the cell itself. Fine as long as the bodies able to replace and remove the damaged cells but there comes the day when the liver cells cannot keep up with the destruction. The debris of viral battle builds up scarring occurs and fibrosis results. The ducts in the liver start to block, the liver starts to inflame, due to the channels clogging your blood pressure builds up,hypertension results, veins become expanded due to pressure and can burst. Because of scarring parts of the liver totally block and die causing a vicious circle of cause and affect. Hcv is not contagious but it is infectious, it cannot cross contaminate another unless present in blood or fluids of the body that contain traces of blood which then opportunistically enter the body thru transfusion or a wound. Normal every day contact is very unlikely to cause infection, if it has done so, I have not heard of such and would find it educational to being directed to that information. Hcv has to a certain degree been successfully treated, the reliability of the treatments and the longer term affects not really known. A test for Hcv coming up positive for anti bodies does not me you have the virus but does indicate that a pcr test should be done to quantify and qualify the presence of the virus.


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Hi Col,

nice to see you blogging. I found it a great way to get all my feelings out about the Hep C Journey

You also meet many other bloggers,

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