Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The early pages

Hi, I am Colin, 51 and suffering, amongst other things from chronic Hcv , genome 2 and Hemophilia. Life to me has not been so remarkable to merit anything that makes it distinctive and stand out in the scheme of things. Just an ordinary guy with an ordinary life. Suggestions were made that I start a blog so this is my attempt, maybe I do have something to contribute? But I will also be taking something out of this and this will be a whole new learning experience for me , a non computer literate , one finger typist 2-3 on good days. I will also be able to learn something about the human condition, how I relate to people, also if my concept that people are inherently good. Maybe that thought will be shattered, evil exists often only for it's own sake.
There will be no radical statements on these pages,I'm no activist.These are just a collection of my thoughts and musings. I hope that I can interact with people. Thicked skinned if attacked personally I will very not likely retaliate. I will just leave it as said and done and be representative to the type of personality you wish to show to the world, it is no reflection on me but will lower you in other readers respect, so remember that.

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